Shipping Medicine to Canada from India


Are you shipping medicine to Canada from India? There are certain medicines which are cheaper as compared to Canada or you may need a life-saving drug that isn’t available in Canada. Finding the right way to ship medicines from India to USA, Australia, UK, Europe etc. can help you out. Don’t worry- we have got this covered.

DST Courier will buy and help you get the medicines delivered at your doorsteps right on time.

Certain medicines in Canada, USA, UK arent approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Therefore, importing these medicines can be a violation of rules. Make sure before you import medicines in Canada you seek approval from the FDA. However, the FDA may allow the import of medicines in certain conditions –

  1. The medicine is being imported for personal use. This isn’t intended for commercial purposes.
  2. If the medicine isn’t available in Canada and is required for the treatment of an individual.
  3. No advertising or marketing of products to the national residents.
  4. The drug doesn’t pose any serious threat to the individual.
  5. A written letter addressed to custom and border protection officer stating that the medicine is used for treatment conducted outside Canada and address of a physician who will supervise the use of foreign medicine.
  6. Make sure you don’t import medicine more than 90 days supply.

How to send medicines to Canada from India?

The easiest way to send medicine to Canada is through the DST courier. Attach all the necessary documents with the package and they’ll ship your medicines in the next couple of days to USA, Australia, UK, Europe etc.

The charges of courier service are subject to time for shipment, location, insurance, and very important weight and the dimensions of the package.

The process to send medicines is quite simple with DST courier and the best thing is the tracking feature that allows you to track your parcel on a real-time basis. The shipment with this company is safe and insured. The service providers ensure the safety of the parcel and avoid any kind of damage during the transit.

To request a new delivery visit the website and enter your details. Confirm your details to your package is registered. Once your package is out for delivery choose the option “current status of the package” to track it down.

DST Courier can help you with medicine shipping from India while ensuring the safety and time delivery of your parcel.

You can ship all legal medicines, injections, prescription drugs, capsules. Likewise, you can ship ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines approved by the FDA.

What are the Documents Required?

According to DST courier here is a list of documents you need to attest while shipping medicines to Canada from India –

  • A copy of the doctor’s prescription dated less than 90 days.
  • Name, address, and contact details of the physician under whose supervision the medicine will be used.
  • Aadhar Card (Sender)
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of Visa
  • Type of medicine (Capsules, Tablets, liquid)
  • Quantity of medicine.

Shipping medicines from India to US may involve some procedures and stringent policies followed by customs regulations. Hence, proper documentation is necessary before sending medicines abroad.

Benefits of shipping medicines to Canada through DST Courier

Door to Door Pickup – DST Courier offers free door to door pick up service from most parts of India.

Online Tracking – The online tracking at DST Courier helps you get a real-time update about your parcel. Enter your tracking number to get the status of your package.

Affordable prices – The prices mentioned on the website are final charges unless you avail you of extra services. There are no hidden or extra charges.

Safety and Insurance – The company ensures that your product is insured and shipped safely. The product shouldn’t undergo any damage throughout the transit and delivery.

Documentation – Documentation is an important part of shipping medicine to Canda from India. So much that any error in the documentation can result in denial of shipment. DST Courier checks your attested documents duly to avoid any kind of rejection.

Timely Delivery – DST Courier ensures that all packages reach on time. It offers door to door delivery as well.

24/7 Support – The support team is readily available to answer your queries and assist you throughout the shipment.

Tele Consultation – Doctor’s prescription is important to send medicines in Canada from India. But if you don’t have one DST Courier will help you arrange teleconsultation with the doctor to get the prescription

Send a prescription or photocopy of the medicine to find out the availability and the cost of the medicine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is it legal to ship medicines to Canada from India?

According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) importing any medicinal drug in Canada is illegal as they cannot determine the effect of the same. However, there are certain cases where medicine can be imported in Canada which involves medicine required for the treatment of a person. If a life-saving drug isn’t available in USA, Australia, UK, Europe etc it can be imported from other countries after approval of the FDA.

2.Can medicines shipped from India through courier?

Yes, the DST courier offers you timely delivery of medicinal drugs that are legal in Canada. Simply request a new delivery with DST courier and they’ll deliver your product in a couple of days. It is one of the convenient and cheapest ways to shipping medicines to Canada from India.

3.Are there any guidelines to be followed before shipping medicine to Canada?

Yes, there are a few things you should consider before shipping medicine to Canada. Make sure you don’t send medicines more than 90 days supply. Attach all the necessary documents such as a doctor’s prescription dated less than 90 days, copy of passport, visa, and Aadhar card. The import of medicines is not for commercial purposes but for personal use.

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