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Are you looking to create your online presence or develop a personal website.

Here’s the solution.

Create your own business website for free with Boss4hosting.

Living in the digital world, every business needs to focus on their online presence. Your business website builds credibility and helps people understand your product and services. The online presence of your business can unfurl new opportunities and make your business reach to a wider audience. Today customers are more evolved and primarily search for your business even before making a purchase.

Having said how does one create an online presence of their business. The answer is simply building an aesthetically pleasing and updated website. Building your website today is much easier than ever. You don’t need to learn to code or hire a professional web developer to build your website. All your website need is two important components- Domain and Hosting provider.

The domain name is simply the unique URL of your website. For instance – Your domain name is followed by.Com, .Org. Co.

Each website needs a hosting provider. It is the server where the information about your website is stored.

Now that you understand the basics of creating a website lets us guide you step by step procedure to create a website for free.

How to get a website for free?

If your business doesn’t exist online, trust me on an average, you lose every 10th customer. How? When a customer searches for your business online, he may end up disappointed not to find you on search engines. Even if the person turns out to be your potential customer, how does he recommend your business to others?

Keeping that in mind if your business is missing a website, it is high to get a website for free. In a meanwhile, you have decided to create a website hope you understand the efforts and extensive research required to find the right website designer, subcontracting him and then painstakingly working with him to build a website that meets your business requirement.

To make this less daunting  and  are providing with a free website for bloggers, small businesses, home-based business, freelancers.

Whether you are pro or just starting and looking to create an appealing, static website that meets your business needs and serves a purpose for your audience is helping to design a free website for you.

What is included in the free website?

The website that would be designed by boss4hosting and a team of sreealunnotech is a static website consisting of 5-10 pages which include

  1. Home Page – The page which provides basic information about your business, products and services.
  • About Us – The page which talks about your inception, vision and mission of starting a particular business.
  • Services – The page describes the kind of services you offer to the customers.
  • Blog – The Blog section helps your customers understand your business better and find the answer to their questions.
  • Contact Us – The page mentions your address and contact information so that potential customers can reach you to inquire more about your business.

Step by Step procedure of creating a free website

Now that you are clear about the free website created by www.boss4hosting will be a static website with some basic components. Let’s us make it more clear with a step by step procedure for creating a free website.

  1. Purchase a Domain and Hosting

The initial step to create a free website is to purchase a Domain and Hosting. As stated above, these two are important components to help develop your website. The fact is that to create your website for free; you need to purchase Domain and Host from only.

  • Submit the form with your details

Once you purchase a Domain and Hosting offered by , fill the form attached below.

Enter the details and answer the few questions regarding the purpose of creating your website.

c) Get in touch with the team

Once the team receives the form, someone from boss4hosting or will reach you out.

d) Get your website designed

Woohoo !! Finally, you are set to mark your online presence. Get your website designed in next 5-10 days post you get in contact with the team.


Well if you thought creating your own personal website was all rainbow and unicorns. It isn’t now. A simple 3 step procedure and you are ready to discover new opportunities and grow exponentially. Simply purchase a hosting and domain from boss4hosting and rest is done by the team offering exemplary services. What is still holding you? The constraint of limited time and funds is removed from the process. Boss4hosting removes all the pain on your end to work incessantly with the team to help them understand your purpose. Now create your website for free with Boss4hosting.

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